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Have you ever wondered which country you can travel to? To enjoy an adventurous and exciting vacation you have always dreamt of?

9 Reasons to visit Kigali – Rwanda

Rwanda is known as a land of a thousand hills: In East Africa, Rwanda is the best option for you due to its undulating beauty.
Rwanda is one of the safest destinations in Africa and in the whole world at large. Full of numerous natural wonders, stunning fascinations, history and cultural sites, among others. All of these will turn your desire for adventure into a reality and help you enjoy a memorable experience in Rwanda.

A wise man once said “traveling is one of the healthiest addictions” and I felt that. Traveling to Rwanda will open your heart, broaden your mind and fill your life with stories to tell.

Rwanda is characterized by captivating savanna valleys, plentiful natural wildlife and its very own interesting and engaging culture. It posses attractive national parks which include Akagera, Nyungwe national among others.
Culture is a strong part of people’s lives. Rwanda has historical and cultural museums that will improve your thoughts and when you improve your thoughts, the world is developing. By learning and understanding culture, you understand why people do things the way they do. With engaging in Rwanda’s culture, you will get to know new language, new dressing styles and so much more than that.

When you visit Rwanda, not only will you enjoy its wonderful views as well as natural beauty but also experience the friendliness of Rwandans to welcome you.
Rwandans are very welcoming, their hospitality is well-known to all of its visitors. Visitors will get to learn a lot and enjoy to the fullest because being friendly and hospitable flows in the blood of all Rwandans.
Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda has its very own landscape which captures everyone’s attention the very moment you see it. It reveals the stunning beauty of the city.

Food is an important part of culture. The food we eat is strongly intertwined with our culture. You can learn a lot about a particular culture by exploring their food.
Food has a history and a story and you have to taste a culture to understand it. You should visit Rwanda to taste our delicious and amazing dishes to understand our interesting culture since Rwanda is famous for its quality tea.

Rwanda is celebrated for its many attractions of which includes Lakesides like lake Kivu with amazing beaches surrounded by beautiful mountains. Volcanoes known as mountain gorillas are also one of the captivating attractions in Rwanda.

Rwanda’s beauty is immeasurable and has many things to offer to satisfy your needs with our very own cultural tour operator “ZaNiheza.” Visit our homeland country Rwanda and with ZaNiheza you will make unforgettable experiences in Rwanda. Don’t let your dreams, be dreams. Visit Rwanda and with ZaNiheza your dreams will turn into a reality.

Written by: Sandrine Uwantege

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