“24” – A letter to you

Dear “You”
Yes, you. My name is “24.” Mind you, I was merely a number until this time. This time that I have been backed up by a story so moving.

I’ve come to bless your ears and heart. But before we get there, let me tell you that story. In 1994, Mr. Charles Shima Kishi, that time as a lad, exiled the country due to the atrocities of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. 24 years later he came back to Rwanda, as a man. An old man. According to Mr. Charles, “In 1994, I left Rwanda at the age of 16. The attempts on my life and the many people that I saw being killed during the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, left me frozen in time. Our elders were in control of their future, they knew well how to manage and make the best use of what they were given by their parents. That was a culture they respected as well as our culture.For 24 years, I focused on building a life in my new county. Rwanda would seldom appear in my thoughts however I had honestly told myself that I will not go back, not yet. That changed, when a family friend convinced me that I was one destined to solve some family issues. So, In 2018, I traveled back to Rwanda. That’s when the magic happened.

Rwanda is naturally a beautiful country. Blessed with an ecosystem that is not found anywhere else in the world. Known as the Land of Thousand Hills. Rwanda’s beauty captivates your soul.

I found a Rwanda that had risen from the ashes. The New Rwanda is splendid! Go on YouTube, and watch videos from Wode Maya, The Wolters World, PPPters, Drew Binsky & many more and read mind-blowing articles about it from all the corners of the world.

For me, as the son of Rwanda, I reflected on it and I wrote a song with Rwanda’s Artist Bruce Melody who is gifted beyond.

The song is titled 24. While it’s in Kinyarwanda, English and French lyrics will be available for further understanding.”Have you seen me in the above text? 24? That is how I came to life. I transformed from being a number, to having a story, to being a song. With Mr. Charles’s story and a story of over six million diasporas out there in the world, I intend to voice over a living testimony. Or testimonies should I say? As if that is not amazing enough , I have the melodic voice of the legendary Bruce Melody. I wouldn’t miss me if I were you!

I am 24, I’ve come to speak for many and change the world!


Wriiten by: Julia Igihozo

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